Hope. Cheer. Pray.

It’s no coincidence that MLB gave New York Mets the All-Star game this year. Part of the long-term rebuilding plan Sandy Alderson put together took major considerations of attendance decline. If the Mets had any intention of re-signing José Reyes, Alderson would’ve made every attempt to put a real offer on table before the Marlins had a chance. We had no objection of not resigning Reyes. However why not trade Reyes and get a good prospect back in return? Attendance – that’s why, chasing a batting title meant butts in the seats (at least a few).

With the 2013 All-Star game – the Mets required anyone who wanted guaranteed AllStar strips to buy a season ticket plan. It’s a big business at its worst, ignore the scams, reward the greed and blackmail the fan base. So for now all real Mets fans can do is Hope. Cheer. Pray.



Rift between Piazza and Mets. Not on the same ‘field’.

(We) I love the New York Mets. From my first time walking into Gimbels on 86th Street and Lexington Ave. at six years old and seeing the Tom Seaver shirts staring me in the face – I was hooked. As a Mets’ fan I’ve had two World Series in my lifetime; ’69 the miracle Mets and ’86 the bad boyz. Father’s Day 2012 I got to take a next generation Mets fan to the 92nd Street Y to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mets – and the alltime best Mets team.
Like every Mets event it fell just a little short. It was an intement setting, a beautiful NYC night. But there was something missing, and it wasn’t a little thing like the wrong color button at the top of the 50th annivarsay hat (should be blue like it was in the 60′s).  It was a player, a big player – a conspicuous absence.

As Gary Cohen, Howie Rose and Kevin Burkhardt announced each all time player, a highlight reel ran and the player themselves came out on the stage (Tug McGraw’s brother and son represented the great left hander relief pitcher). Players and managers that couldn’t make it for work reasons had pre recorded footage accepting their award. Except for one! A catcher who transformed the franchise, brought it back from the dead in the late 90s. As they announced Mike Piazza as the alltime winner for catcher (not an easy emotional choice with the untimely passing of Carter) – we all waited in anticipation of Piazza walking out onto the stage. It never happened and then we all looked to the screen for the recorded clip to be played. That also never happened. Kevin Burkhardt (who is amazing) moved on to the next player.

Where was Mike Piazza? This event was planned over year ago, tickets sold out in December. Surely the Mets did not plan this event not wanting Piazza their second most popular player in attendance. Why would Mike Piazza not at least record his acceptance?

I called WFAN today and spoke to Mike Francesa about it. He agreed it was strange and followed up with Jay Horowitz (Mets PR Director) who stated Piazza wasn’t interested in being part of it. WTF? If Derek Jeter didn’t show up to a Yankees alltime team celebration – we would all think George came back from the dead and they had a fight and a federal investigation would begin.

So what’s the problem? Dodger Hall of Fame hat? The Wilpon’s? Anger at Keith Hernandez’s comments from an SNY broadcast;)?

Thank you No-han!

Johan No-han! Santana twirls first no-no in Mets history. All Mets fans have waited and waited and waited for this to happen. And on June 1st 2012 it did. For now – it’s our World Series, an amazing feat that we will all remember forever. Where we were, who we were with and or how we found out. 

Howie Rose had the perfect (as always) call for this incredible night: ”Put it in the books! In the history books!”


Opening Day at Citi Field

OK – there were many good things about the NY Mets opening day 2012. The weather, the tribute to Gary Carter, the return of Johan Santana, the new configuration of the fences and the final score.

But as old canky Mets fans, we at ‘How Bout Those Mets’ have a few gripes:
1. The parking situation. The drive to Citi was fast and easy (it took less than 45 mins from Westchester). It took 1 hour and 45 minutes from the exit to the World’s Fair parking lot. No one was conducting traffic and the Mets closed the main lots to the public for special guests and PrePaid parking. We counted over 100 empty spots by the left field lot. Many people did not get into the park until after the 5th inning because of the mess. We’ve been to many opening days and this was the worst ever.

2. The retired numbers (the few the Mets have) were left on the old black wall and are hard to see now. They instead sold ad space on the nice new blue walls – lame.

3. The Gary Carter patch was sold out in half an hour. The Mets could have made it the opening day giveaway or had enough inventory so all the fans that wanted one could buy one (hopefully that money is going to a cancer charity).

Here’s to a great season – Let’s Go Mets!


Put the ‘MEH’ in Mehts

‘MEH’; A random word when people either don’t know what to say, don’t care, can’t answer a question or are too drunk to form a coherent english phrase. This shirt puts the ‘MEH’ in Mehts.



Mets announce series of 2012 ticket plans

Here we go again. The Wilpon’s show starring Dave Howard is back and better than ever. Some very creative options with ticket plans for 2012.

The Pros:
-Access to Promenade Club, regardless of seat location
-Personal Account Executive
-10% discount at the Mets Team Store at Citi Field (is this one time or all seasons?)
-Ticket Exchange – Exchange your tickets for seats to future games (select dates based on availability; three per season) 

Good Will – Bad WILpon


We were listening sports radio over the weekend and a caller mentioned the Yankee/Met games that were played last Tuesday night here in New York where it was raining and cold. The Yankees offered tickets to another game for anyone who had tickets for that night due to the bad weather. They’ve been doing that for years – Good Will, smart business. Whether the Mets did that or not, the point is that The Mets don’t seem to get the ‘Good Will’ concept. 

Here is our short list of the lies and the BAD WILL (off the field related):
1. Lowered ticket prices in 2010, raised parking prices (we know the Mets don’t have direct control of the parking), but it’s the perception.
2. Gave Omar Minya a contract extension after the collapse of 2007 (7 up with 17 to play).
3. Gave ‘The Hospital of Special Surgery’ top scoreboard sponsorship after the 2009 injury plagued season. DUH!
4. Approved the marketing slogan ‘We Believe in Comebacks’ for the 2010 season. This says ‘we are already losing’ to the majority of casual fans.
5. Lied repeatedly about their financial issues with Madoff having any effect on baseball operations. Borrowed millions from MLB in late 2010. 
6. Paid no tribute to the history of the Mets at Citi Field and then made up stuff about why.
7. Didn’t make the dimensions of Citi Field match Shea. This would have squashed all the garbage about the size of the park, kept David Wright’s swing short. (if you’re going to make a pitchers park, you need to have pitchers who throw strikes – HELLO???).

Now the Mets lame marketing department or Advertising Agency of record (if they have one – fire them) came up with the slogan ‘Playing the Right Way’ and sent a letter from Terry Collins (that he never read) http://dicomo.mlblogs.com/2011/04/01/terry-collins-open-letter-to-fans/ to the fan base. They Mets are doing everything BUT playing the right way. They are inventing ways to loose.

If the Wilpon’s won’t sell – can they at least start taking care of the fan base? Here are some suggestions:
1. A guaranteed win – if you go to game where the Mets lose, you get a free ticket of equal value for another game (and so on).
2. Seat upgrades to all 2011 season ticket plan holders.
3. Make Terry Collins stop telling us that the Mets will will 9 out of the next 11. How about 2 in a row first?
4. Make ALL ticket prices aligned with a small market team.
5. Stop sending the crapy, stupid, cheap gifts with season ticket plans. 2010 – a $5 floating ball lamp; 2011 – a $2 made in China Mets watch (it doesn’t stay in time – just like the team). How about some cool nostalgic reproductions of Mets history?
6. A weekly spot with the management on WFAN that with caller Q&A.


Off the soap box – putting the bag back on our heads.

How Bout Those Mets 


credit: AP Photo/Paul J. Bereswill



Breaking News: Wilpon’s sell majority share of NY Mets to an investment group led by Lady Gaga.

Breaking News: Wilpon’s sell majority share of NY Mets to an investment group led by Lady Gaga for a reported $680 million dollars. The Wilpon’s will keep a minority stake in the team but will have no say in any baseball matters. The irony is that Lady Gaga was at a NY Mets game last season and was caught on camera drinking beers and giving the finger to photographers. 


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The passion, the pain and the PONZI. Sometimes you have to laugh so you don’t cry. The only cure – WINNING. Here’s to a great 2011 season – buy a shirt and let your passion be heard. See you at Citi Field – HBTM!